The Department of the Prosecuting Attorney's Office - Victim Witness Program would greatly appreciate your time and cooperation in completing this short survey to rate your experience with our program. Your feedback will help us assess the effectiveness of our services and make positive changes. The goal of this survey is to understand your experience with our Victim Witness Program and your Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and Victim Witness Counselor(s) that you worked with.

If you would like some to contact you after completing this survey, please include your name and contact information in the comments section of the last question.
Are you a witness or a victim or both?
What services did you participate in:
How professional was the Victim Witness Counselor during your interactions?
Were you able to understand the information that the Victim Witness Counselor provided to you?
What is your overall satisfaction with your experience with the Victim Witness Program?
What changes would have improved your experience with the Victim Witness Program? (If you would like to be contacted in regards to this survey, please enter your name and contact information here.)